The Morden Corn & Apple Festival Entertainment Committee has been hard at work putting together a fantastic headline line up for the 50th annual homecoming event.   In the past, the main stage focus has been local, then classic with performers that had won major Canadian and U.S. awards, then a mix of country and rock, and now to kick off our second half century, we want to present a balance of festival retro, local, classic rock, country and contemporary.  “It has taken time but we think we have found the perfect balance,” says Chairperson Lynda Lambert MacLean. “We are so excited!”



Chad Brownlee - 1

A testament to his drive and talent, Chad Brownlee is an extraordinary example of what one person can achieve.  Although he may focus on living in the moment, absorbing every treasured second with his fans while performing on stage, Brownlee has already lived a life many would argue could fill multiple lifetimes.  An award-winning singer, songwriter, philanthropist and former NHL draft pick, country music artist Brownlee is by definition a renaissance man, who lives by the credence that “opportunity lies along the path created by the choices you make.”

With over a billion radio impressions to date, in recent years his singles have rapidly climbed the country music charts, with multiple singles cracking Top 10, including “Listen”, “Smoke In The Rain”, “Crash” and his current single “Hearts On Fire”.  He describes “Hearts On Fire” as a “powerful, energy ridden love song, expressing a kind of fire only found within the essence of a passionate relationship.  With this single, I truly feel I’ve reached another musical gear and have pushed the envelope, without losing that sound that has defined me as the artist I am today.”

Over the last few years Brownlee has received critical acclaim and numerous accolades including a highly coveted 2013 JUNO nomination for Country Album of the Year, and consecutive Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA®) Award™ Male Artist of the Year nominations (2012 & 2013).  For this British Columbia native, a strong work ethic defines his successful transition from the ice rink to the stage.  As Brownlee releases the fourth album in his discography, he is reflective and conveys a philosophical honesty regarding his musical journey, “[It is] quite surreal actually”.  A culmination of many days and nights on the road, and hours in the studio, Brownlee has been taking the Canadian country music world by storm.  He continues, “At the beginning of my journey, and still to this day, I just want to write the best song in each moment of creativity and sing the best I can sing each time I perform.”

Brownlee’s passions run deep; philanthropy most certainly tops his list of priorities.  He frequently donates his time wherever and whenever possible to a variety of causes.  Annually he continues to partner with the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation™ to share the joy of music with young campers, leading music workshops across the country.  In 2014 he recorded a new track and filmed a video with kids who benefit from the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation™ called “We Don’t Walk This Road Alone”.  All artist proceeds from the sale of this digital single will be donated to the foundation.

An artist who believes “in order to make what you do your profession, you must first act like a professional,” his warm personality and charming persona intimately invites the audience to experience a musical journey as he performs with a commanding, intoxicating stage presence.  With more tour dates to be announced, his fans can look forward to another memorable year filled with powerful performances and new music.


Hunter Brothers

Hailing from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan, the Hunter Brothers brings together exactly that – five incredibly talented, musically inclined brothers from the Hunter family. Flirting with the possibility of making music a full-time career since they picked up their first instruments in pre-kindergarten, this country-loving quintet will be stepping away from their combines this year to release “El Dorado,” a melody-driven song that depicts the feeling of growing up in the country with your hand out the window, cruising up and down dirt roads.

Boasting professional/junior hockey players, a seniors’ choir conductor, an aviation enthusiast and dedicated kombucha drinker, the Hunter Brothers are no strangers to the stage. However, 2016 marks the first time they’ve come together to create a collection of songs that they hope will earn them attention on country radio stations across Canada.

The band’s first single “El Dorado” released in February, combines the experienced production skills of Brad Rempel (High Valley), Grammy Award-winning producer Seth Mosley and Michael (X) O’Connor. Influenced by harmonies brought to life by Rascal Flatts and Little Big Town, the group of brothers is hopeful that their new album will showcase the Hunter family’s appreciation for dreaming big and working hard.



The Trews - Photo1

You don’t have to be a physics nerd to know that old chestnut about bodies in motion staying in motion is absolutely true. Just look at East Coast-bred, Toronto-based rockers The Trews who, since the April 2014 release of their universally acclaimed self-titled fifth studio album, have scarcely stopped to take a breath.

For proof, a quick tally of some recent achievements in the following categories…

Touring! Singer/songwriter Colin MacDonald, songwriter/guitarist John-Angus MacDonald and bassist Jack Syperek hopscotched extensively across North America, playing everything from soft-seaters to festival stages. They also supported Supersuckers in the UK last fall.

Awards! An East Coast Music Award for Rock Recording of the Year plus ECMA nominations for Group of the Year, Fans’ Choice Entertainer of the Year and Fans’ Choice Video of the Year. The Trews also received a 2015 Rock Artist of the Year nod from the SiriusXM Indies.

Film! The forthcoming comedy How to Be Deadly, chronicling the guerrilla escapades of (fictional) YouTube sensation Donnie Dumphy, showcases two Trews songs. Keeners will note that director Nik Sexton also helmed the Trews’ wildly successful (and flat-out hilarious) PledgeMusic campaign video which assisted in financing the latest album.

Thrills! The band performed ‘Taking Care of Business’ alongside Randy Bachman at the recent SOCAN Awards in Toronto where the legendary Guess Who/BTO guitarist and songwriter scored a Lifetime Achievement Award. The MacDonald brothers and Big Sugar also nailed ‘American Woman’ as Bachman looked on.

Singles! ‘Under The Sun’ – one of several songs on album The Trews cut with fans in-studio as a reward for their support – is currently tearing up charts nationwide, following in the footsteps of previous TOP 10 Rock singles,  ‘What’s Fair is Fair,’ ‘Rise in the Wake’ and ‘New King.’

Canadian fans can witness for themselves this summer as The Trews perform coast to coast, hitting multiple prestigious festivals along the way. Smart money says the newly revamped and re-energized Trews will – in typical Trews workhorse fashion – use any available downtime to contemplate their next album. “Who knows what’s next?” laughs John-Angus MacDonald.

“We certainly have options… maybe issuing previously unreleased material. And we’ve got to write a bunch of new songs. There’s lots to do between now and the end of the year. But we’re ready.”





Five rockers from different parts of the world, met purely by chance backstage at a rock festival in Leeds, England, after performing in their respective bands at the time. 2 of them hit it off right away, two of them didn’t, and one still doesn’t know. However it was determined that they all had the same musical aspirations. From Muff Ireland, Detroit Michigan, Kokkola Finland, Winnipeg Canada and one doesn’t know, this unit is guided by one thing. The rock n’ roll party and everything that goes along with it!

They deliver classic hard rock music you love … and you can’t get enough of it. It’s the lost art and attitude of hard rock that SNAKE OIL are bringing back to you!

SNAKE OIL will time warp you to a live ultimate rock experience; a night of the Hair Rock, Melodic Rock, Metal, and Classic Rock, delivered LOUD and in your face like the Rock shows you have been missing for years. An interactive experience completely themed in the genre!

HIT THE LIGHTS, CUE THE FOG, crank the guitars, turn up the drums and make some noise!!!  SNAKE OIL are a cast of SERIOUS BIG LEAGUE ROCK musicians who have toured the world playing in name bands



PastThePerimeter_promo (2)

Past The Perimeter is a Country/Rock band hailing from Stonewall, Manitoba. They have been performing together since 2008, but their musical history and friendships started much earlier in high school.

Past The Perimeter delivers a high energy distinctive rock style to their country sound, and an edge to their rock that makes people sit up and listen. This band has received excellent reviews wherever they have played, they are very dedicated and committed to providing a dynamic show. Past The Perimeter can read a crowd quickly and do whatever it takes to please them. You’re going to love them!