Over the past year, the Morden Corn & Apple Festival Board of Directors partnered with Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship, the City of Morden and Pembina Valley Containers/Penner Waste on a Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention (WRAPP) Project with the hope of diverting 50% of the organics from the waste stream during the Festival, based on average attendance of approximately 50,000 to 60,000 people.

“Morden’s 50th Annual Festival was amazingly successful!” exclaimed Board Chairman, Dale Stambuski. “We broke every record with estimated attendance of 89,700 and 60,000 cobs of corn, 3,100 liters of cider and 32,832 units of apple juice were consumed.” 749 volunteers worked 6,652 hours making the 2016 Morden Corn & Apple Festival the best ever,” said Stambuski.

“With this kind of success, comes challenges to deal with the mountains of waste produced. We have had success in the past collecting recycling and decided to tackle the organic waste this year. We received funding from the Province to purchase green carts, Pembina Valley Containers collected and sorted the waste and reported 10,494 kgs of compost; 2,391 kgs of recycling and 2,230 kgs of garbage – not 50% but an 85% reduction!! This project reduced the greenhouse gases in the local landfill by .850 tonnes.” explained Stambuski.

Penner Waste, A Compost Quality Alliance (CQA) accredited facility is now processing the compost and within 5 months, if mature enough, the material will be sent to A & L Laboratories a Canadian Council Minister of the Environment (CCME) accredited facility for testing. Following this, it is expected that we will use the compost to nourish the Festival corn crops next year, completing the cycle.