Wind Warrior Challenge

In 2015 Vestas held the first annual Western Canada Wind Warrior Challenge in the parking lot of Ranchland Mall in Pincher Creek. In 2016 the 2nd Challenge will be held at the Morden Corn & Apple Festival in Morden on August 27th and 28th.

Vestas Canadian Wind Technology produces and operates wind turbines world-wide. The two-day event will see a number of two-man teams from all over Canada and the United States move between six stations where they will be tested and marked on their abilities.

This is a rare opportunity for the public to see what can happen on any given day for wind technicians and crane operators. Kids and adults can watch close-up and ask questions. If the public does not want to approach too closely, they can have their questions answered by staff around the event and receive goodies.  The public cannot go on the equipment, particularly the rescue tower, or in the cranes.

Safety First.  Two of the challenges primarily deal with safety. Every wind technician is trained to be safety minded in every activity they perform.  Technicians must be proficient in rescue and first aid for a few simple reasons, including that they may be in a remote area where it takes an extended period of time for emergency crews to arrive on scene if a situation occurs. Once those crews arrive an EMT or paramedic may not be qualified to go to the heights where an incident may occur. Therefore, all crews have to be able to safely tend to an injured person and transport them to where an emergency worker can attend to them.

The six stations are timed at 45 minutes per event, with a judge at each station.

Blind Crane Lift
In this challenge the crane operator is not able to see the load he is lifting and must respond to verbal commands from team members over a radio to lift a 6,000 pound generator and move it from one platform to the next with a 90 degree change in direction.

Troubleshooting X 2
Teams have to correctly identify a fault on individual components and a troubleshooting table then fix the problem. The troubleshooting table can simulate endless problems that can happen in a real life scenario and the problem is changed between competitors.

First Aid
Teams draw 1 of 5 scenarios from a hat, then apply the correct First Aid to a dummy.

Confined Space
Team members work together to complete a task of which they can only see half.  Communication is key, as the technician inside the space works with the technician outside to complete the puzzle.

Rescue From Heights
The technicians simulate a rescue from heights, located on a rescue platform.  They have to properly bundle a rescue dummy in a rescue harness and safely lower him to the ground.