Youth Ambassador Program

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Created by a committee of young women with experience as volunteers, public speakers, and pageant winners, the Youth Ambassador Program is meant to give teenagers experience valuable as new entrants into the workforce and community. The program is made of four main components; volunteering, public speaking, learning, and project management.

To open doors for the youth of Morden to contribute to our community through volunteering, mentoring, and furthering their education.


After participating in the Youth Ambassador Program, candidates will be able to;
• manage small projects and budgets,
• deliver speeches to large audiences,
• perform well in an interview, and;
• succeed in work and volunteer endeavors.

First place winner receives a $3,000 scholarship, and second place gets a $2,000 scholarship. Both scholarships can be held for up to three years after it is won, and will be paid to the institution directly upon proof of registration.


Monthly workshops from May to August to teach candidates how to;
• plan and market a fundraising event,
• draft and deliver public speeches,
• dress for the industry they want to get into, and;
• conduct themselves in an interview

These monthly workshops will be lead by the YAP committee with industry experts and seasoned pros giving hands-on lessons to guide them through the chapters of the program. Every skill required to preform in this program will be taught to candidates as the program continues, so no prior knowledge is required to succeed in this program.

Candidates will have to plan a fundraising event for any charity directly benefitting the citizens of Morden. This event can be whatever the candidate would like, and will happen on the last weekend of July.

For the public speaking component, candidates will give a speech they have written themselves on the main stage on Corn and Apple weekend. While this may sound intimidating each candidate will be taught the best way to write a speech, tips on how to be successful, and given practice time to perfect their skills.

Candidates are also asked to volunteer with an organization of their choice. There is no minimum or maximum number of hours to be completed, and hours may also be used in combination for credit with any other school credit volunteer hours.

All candidates must be available for the monthly meetings, for their fundraising event (one partial day before July 31), and the entire Corn and Apple weekend (August 26-28).

After the festival, the candidates may be asked to speak at a couple of engagements in Morden relating to the experience they had through YAP. However, there are no parades or ceremonies to attend because the point of the program is to cultivate an attitude of engagement with all candidates going out into the world that resonates well anywhere they go. It’s this attitude that will be the brand ambassador for the City of Morden.


Candidates will be evaluated on a number of factors to determine the recipients of the first and second place scholarships. Some of these factors will be:
• Success of the candidate’s fundraising event
• The candidates ability to deliver their speech
• Volunteer hours completed successfully
• Personal interview with each candidate

Judges will be external to the YAP committee and will have no connection to the candidates in any way.


The Youth Ambassador Program is looking for young people residing in Morden or the surrounding area in grade eleven up to the age of 21 to participate in this program. People interested in applying should send in a video explaining a little bit about themselves and why they would be great candidates. The submission video doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a selfie video is fine! Candidates can submit their video by email to, or through private message on Facebook at and Instagram @yapmorden.

Any questions from potential candidates can be emailed to at any time. A committee member will respond as quickly as possible!

Anyone wanting to donate to the program should contact Shelley Friesen at