400 Club Lottery Winners

Congratulations to the winners! This list will be updated each month as three new winning tickets are drawn.

If you wish to watch the monthly draws, please head to our Facebook page. All draws are done online at 7:00pm on the last Wednesday of each month.

Month Prize Amount Winner
August $1,000 Max Friesen
August $100 Norma Ready
August $100 Leigh Grenier
September $1,000 Gail Maxwell
September $100 Scott Howard
September $100 Scott Howard
October $1,000 Corinne & Kevin Grift
October $100 Doug Reichert
October $100 Sean Aune
November $1,000 Monty Magarrell
November $100 Paul Murphy
November $100 Colleen Weinreich
December $1,000 Roxanne Baraniski
December $100 Shawna Howard
December $100 Joylyn Tuuri
January $1,000 Alvina & Ernie Derksen
January $100 Jan & Darryl Wooley
January $100 Fred Stock