Terms and Conditions – Craft Tents and Artisan Alley


Reservation fees paid will hold a space in the following year’s Festival until May 31 of the following year. You must submit a new Craft Tents & Artisan Alley application each year to guarantee a space by that date. This reservation only holds a space for you and does NOT guarantee the same space as held in the previous year. The Craft Tents & Artisan Alley committee reserves the right to move vendors due to water, electrical, sponsorship, or any other requirement.


There will be absolutely no sub-letting of space.


All fees must be paid-in-full by May 31 or you will lose your space. Late payments will not be accepted.


Only original and personally handmade items may be displayed or sold in the Craft tents and Artisan Alley spaces. The Craft Tents & Artisan Alley committee has the final determination in this matter.

No weapons of any type are allowed at the Festival site nor can any weapon of any type be sold, including knives.

No drug paraphernalia shall be sold or advertised by any vendor, such as novelty pipes, items that can be associated with illegal drug, or displaying various drug types.

No vendor shall sell popped corn, candy apples, cotton candy, or carnival rides of any kind.


Booths must be set up between 8 am and 12 noon on the Friday of the Festival. Late arrival arrangements are to be arranged with the Craft Tents & Artisan Alley committee a minimum of 72 hours before the start of the Festival.

All booths must be completely free standing with no anchors of any type placed into the community street. No signs, racks, displays of any kind are allowed outside your allotted space. All tents must fit inside your allotted space and must be weighed down. The Morden Corn & Apple Festival is not responsible for damages caused by tents blowing over.

Booth hours are:

  1. Friday from 12:00 noon until 9:00 pm.
  2. Saturday from 10:00 am until 9:00 pm.
  3. Sunday from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm.

Booth hours may start earlier on Friday and Saturday. Booths must be removed by 5:30 pm on the Sunday of the Festival.

All Vendors must operate for the entire 3-day duration of the Festival, RAIN OR SHINE.


It is the responsibility of the Vendor to maintain a clean premises in and around their booth location. All vendors must dispose of their waste ONLY in the large bins (dumpsters) at the intersections and NOT in the small street waste carts.

The street waste carts are for public waste only and cannot be pulled up to any Vendor booth/table.


The Morden Corn & Apple Festival encourages the sale of products featuring corn and/or apples during the Festival, however, reproduction of the Morden Corn & Apple Festival name, logo, or branding is restricted unless rights are purchased by the vendor from the Morden Corn & Apple Festival. All inquiries regarding the Morden Corn & Apple Festival copyright are to be directed to the Morden Corn & Apple Festival office at 204-823-2676, or by email at info@cornandapple.com.


There is absolutely NO SMOKING in the Craft Tents.

While pets are very welcome at the Festival, we ask that pets be kept out of both Craft Tents and the Artisan Alley area outside the tents as well.


Should the Morden Corn & Apple Festival be cancelled by the provincial government due to an unexpected public health concern, full refunds will be issued to vendors.

NOTE: Please be certain to have these terms and conditions available to the person or persons physically in attendance at your booth on the weekend of the Morden Corn & Apple Festival for their reference.