Terms and Conditions – Street Space –


Reservation fees paid will hold a space in the following year’s Festival until May 31. You must submit a new Street Space application to guarantee a space by that date. This reservation only holds a space for you and does NOT guarantee the same space as held in the previous year. While efforts are always made to keep vendors in their same location, the Street Space Committee reserves the right to move vendors due to water, electrical, sponsorship, or any other requirements.


a. Booths must be set up at the instructed time in the instructed location on the Thursday of the Festival week (the evening before the Festival begins). Times will be provided in your vendor package which is sent out in mid-to-late July. ABSOLUTELY NO set up on Friday unless previously arranged by the Morden Corn & Apple Festival.

b. All booths should be completely free standing with no anchors of any type placed into the community street. All tents must fit inside your allotted space and must be weighed down. The Morden Corn & Apple Festival is not responsible for damages caused by tents blowing over.

c. All items must remain within your space allocation. No signs, racks, tables, etc. may be placed on the sidewalks or walkways around your space.


All Vendors must operate the full 3-day Festival, rain or shine. Please ensure you are prepared for all weather conditions and carry appropriate amounts of food/products for sale.

There will be absolutely no subletting of booth space.

  1. Friday and Saturday booth hours are 10:00am – 10:00pm.
  2. Sunday booth hours are from 10:00am – 5:30pm.
  3. Removal must commence no earlier than 6:00pm on Sunday.


a. Electrical service available are:

  1. 120V only.
  2. available as Lights Only, 15 amp, or 30 amp.
  3. 30 Amps is the maximum available, unless specific accommodations have been made by the Festival. Our electrical team works as quickly as possible to get vendors hooked up to power, but please be prepared to wait a short while until you are hooked up. You are permitted to run a generator only until you are hooked-up or by prior approval. Otherwise personal generators are not permitted throughout the Festival.

b. Water is available from taps on hydrants at 8th and Nelson St. Please provide your own buckets as no hook ups are available in these locations.

c. It is not permitted to dispose of grey water on the street. A disposal tank/pumping service will be available. Final details will be provided in your vendor package, which will be sent out in mid-late July.


a. No vendor shall sell popped corn, candy apples, cotton candy, or carnival rides of any kind.

b. No weapons of any type, or drug paraphernalia of any kind shall be advertised, sold, or displayed by a vendor, including knives and novelty pipes.

c. We encourage the sale of products featuring corn and/or apples during the Festival, however, reproduction of the Morden Corn & Apple Festival name, logo, or branding is restricted unless a license is arranged for the vendor in writing from the Morden Corn & Apple Festival. All inquiries for Morden Corn & Apple Festival trademarks or souvenir products are to be directed to the office at info@cornandapple.com.

d. In case of dispute, the decision of the Morden Corn & Apple Festival Street Space committee will be final.


All fees must be paid in full by MAY 31 or you will lose your space. Late payments will NOT be accepted.


It is the responsibility of the vendor to maintain a clean premises in and around their booth location and be prepared to allow a lane for emergency vehicle access between the sidewalk and front of booth space. All vendors must dispose of their waste in the large bins (dumpsters) only at the intersections and not in the smaller street waste carts. The street waste carts are for public waste only and cannot be pulled up to any vendor area.


All food units must be clean and operational prior to opening. All approved health permits must be submitted to the Morden Corn & Apple Festival no later than May 31. Failure to do so will result in a negative application and subsequent denial of participation in the Festival.

If you require a temporary food permit, you must complete this form from Manitoba Health and submit it to the Festival office (info@cornandapple.com) no later than July 15.



Should the Morden Corn & Apple Festival be cancelled by the provincial government due to an unexpected public health concern, full refunds will be issued to vendors.

NOTE: Please be certain to have terms and conditions available to the person or persons physically in attendance at your booth on the weekend of the Morden Corn & Apple Festival for easy reference.