Cottonwood Stage

The Cottonwood Stage first came into existance at the 1998 Morden Corn & Apple Festival. It is located at the intersection of Stephen Street and 9th Street under the canopy of leaves from our famous, 120 year old Van Gertz Cottonwood, Manitoba’s tallest tree.

Originally the Cottonwood Stage began as a venue for amateur groups mostly made up of local youths to try alternative music types with a good sound system. Artists like Needlefish, Canadian Idol finalist Joel Nickel, and the Dingleberries got their start on the Cottonwood Stage.

In 2002, the Cottonwood Stage changed focus to old tyme and country music. The local Friends of Dance organization worked together to provide a venue for good dance music. A wooden dance floor and a large tent were erected to make dancing a comfortable experience for all.

Many volunteers have dedicated themselves over the years to make the Cottonwood Stage an excellent place to rest, relax or dance your feet off to many old tyme waltzes, polkas, fox trots, two steps and patterns.  Bring your own lawn chair or rest on the the stands provided, but regardless, be prepared for a full day and evening of dancing and fun!

Recent performing artists are The Fugitives, Cathy Erickson Band, The Echo Valley Boys,  Hwy 6 Band, Northern Reflections and we look forward to many more in the coming future.