What makes our parade the best in Manitoba?

2016 Parade Winners!

Antique- #32B John Sawatsky
Agriculture- #89 Research Station & #129 Valley Agriculture Society
Band- #118 Northern Lights and Drums
Church- #131 Pembina Valley Baptist Church
Commercial- #86 One Two Tree
Dignitary- #6 Mayor Ken Wiebe
Museum- #130 Pembina Thresherman’s Museum
Municipal- #42 Town of Altona & #105 RM Rhineland
Service- #33 Regional Connections
Sports- #83 Winnipeg Blue Bombers

The first Corn & Apple Festival Parade was held in 1975 and in 2016 we celebrated our 50th Annual Corn and Apple Festival

The Morden Corn and Apple Parade Committee welcomes your application to participate in this event. We are expecting an impressive turnout of both spectators and Parade entries. As we have to limit the number of participants, we would greatly appreciate your earliest reply to facilitate plans for lining up the Parade.

There are essential items needed to make a successful parade – music, marchers, floats, animals and dedicated volunteers.

When planning a parade a few things must be considered in order for a parade to run smoothly. One thing that must be addressed is guidelines. In order for a parade not to turn in to chaos, guidelines must be set for those involved in the parade. With set guidelines parades participants are able to be creative within boundaries. Every parade entry receives a list of the current guidelines in their final mail out.

Remember – “It’s all about the kids!” With that thought, we ask that everyone participating in the parade to decorate their entry – whether it is some fringe or balloon bunches. We realize and appreciate that many of our parade participants spend money not only on decorating but also handing out many dollars worth of candies, freezies, etc. to the children. Thank-you for your generosity of spirit.

Floats are always the highlight of every parade. We realize a parade is a perfect opportunity to educate people about your business or organization, and if you want to get your message across, how special your organization is, it is worth the effort to do a float, because people really look at and remember a float.

For parade attendees who are driving to watch the parade, please note street parking will be affected due to the many street closures. We suggest you come early.

Our goal is to continue to build up the attendance and the quality of participation on the parade. This web site was created so you can obtain all the information you need, including the application to be in the parade. Join us on Saturday August 26th, 2017, in downtown Morden for an event that can’t be missed!. We expect the parade to be the best yet. The parade steps off at 10 a.m. from the Morden Research Station.

You may download an application form on this website for your convenience. Please include all information on your entry, and comments, which you feel, would be of help. At a later date, if your application is successful, you will receive a packet with all the information detailing position, suggested arrival time, etc.

We are always looking for new volunteers to take part in the planning and running of the parade. If you are interested please contact us, and someone will be in touch with you. We also appreciate any comments and suggestions on how to make the parade even more successful.