Chairperson – Oversees all aspects of the Festival. Presides over committee meetings and Festival decisions.

Vice Chairperson – Assists the Chairperson with organizing sponsorship and other committee duties.

Children’s Events – Organize events for the younger Festival attendees in the Children’s Tent.

Christian Programs – Schedule the main stage entertainment for the Festival Sunday, as well as the Saturday night gospel concert at the Access Event Centre.

Free Apple Juice – Distribution of Morden’s trademark apple juice – free!  Friday and Saturday 1-6pm and Sunday 1-4pm

Free Corn – Cook, then supply Festival attendees lined up with free, piping hot corn on the cob.  Friday and Saturday 1-6pm and Sunday 1-4pm

Corn Husking – Order all official Festival corn, whether to be handed out for free or for purchase, plus oversee the corn husker and volunteers to husk and prepare the free corn for cooking.

Corn & Cider Selling (Cooked) – The local 4H group runs a booth where hot, fresh corn on the cob and cold apple cider are available for sale.

Corn & Cider Selling (Raw) – A booth where jugs of apple cider and bags of raw corn in the husk are offered for sale.

Cottonwood Stage – Organize volunteers and hire entertainment, and set up of the stage with old time country music and dancing from noon ’til 12 midnight!

Artists and Artisans Alley – Plan for and communicate with the artists and artisans who have displays in the tents and on the street.

Entertainment – Organize the main stage performers and events for the Friday and Saturday of the Festival.

Farmer’s Market – Organize and oversee the farmer’s market that runs during the Festival.

Parade Float – Drive the Morden Corn & Apple Festival float in neighbouring parades throughout the summer.

Sanitation – Keep the Festival area clean and functional… includes garbage pickup, recycle, washrooms, grey water.

Information Booth – Provide visitors with directions and event information during the weekend from a centrally located booth.

Parade – Organize entries for the parade on Saturday morning of the Festival as well as organize judges and other necessary parade officials.

Parking/Shuttle Bus – Organize access to free transportation between various points around town, to Colert Beach, and to the Festival site downtown.

Publicity – Promote the Festival by arranging for advertising through print, digital, radio, and appearances and/or interviews through various media.

Stage & Canopy – Preparation and set-up of the main stage and covering.

Stage Seating – Maintenance and set-up of all seating in front of the main stage area.

Street Space – Organize and communicate with all the street vendors who wish to sell their wares or provide information during the Festival.

Street Busking – Coordination of performers who will play at the various busking stops throughout the Festival area.

Bus Tours – Organize buses and guides to provide free tours of Morden during the Festival.

Vendor Relations – Connect with all the street vendors to collect reservations for next year as well as any comments or suggestions.  Includes delivery of free corn on the cob and apple juice to all street vendors daily during the Festival.